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Interesting facts about Amsterdam, Netherlands.

- Amsterdam has over one million bikes, and only 700,000 inhabitants, which makes the city bicycle capital of Europe. Narrow streets and bridges, as well as high prices for parking, make from the capital of The Netherlands a place inappropriate for cars. In The Netherlands there are over 15 thousand kilometer bicycle paths and therefore the sightseeing of this city is best done by bike.
- Amsterdam has the most museums in the world per square kilometer, a total of 51. Among them the famous Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank house are included.
- The airport in Amsterdam is the first in the world that has a museum. Even if you are just passing by, you can see part of the city’s museums exhibitions within the terminal.
- Almost one quarter of Amsterdam is below sea level. If there were no special dams, more than half of the city would have been submerged under the North Sea.
- Amsterdam was built on wooden poles. The soil is like a swamp to such an extent that the construction of buildings and houses had to start with burying wooden poles deep into the ground. They use concrete now, but the principle remains. Under the Central Station, for example, there are over 6000 columns.
- In the golden era (1580-1670) of Dutch painting, when most of the world’s greatest artists lived in Amsterdam, more than 5 million masterpieces were created. At that time, almost every home in The Netherlands had at least one image.
- Amsterdam has 165 canals, 1,281 bridges and over 2,500 ships which have a permanent and fixed place in the canals and are used as homes. Because of this, Amsterdam rightly got the nickname “Venice of the North”.
- In Amsterdam, stray cats live on a ship, maintained by volunteers. This is becoming a major tourist attraction.
- Amsterdam has more diverse nationalities than any other city in the world. As permanent residents of the town are reported people from 175 different nationalities, out of 194 countries.
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