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April 25, 2020

This site was created exclusively for entertainment and education.
Now, as we find ourselves locked at home on a pretense of saving us from getting sick, these webcams have come to mean so much more. They are now a window to a changing world, a world that among other things has become cleaner and possibly more naturally balanced!

But there is another facet to this situation. (Those of you who watched the wonderful show "Person of Interest" know what I mean.)
We were put under house arrest without committing any crime or violating any laws. Some countries, like Russia, went even farther, establishing an electronically controlled lockdown. They have thousands of webcams watching people and cars. These are webcams that I don't have on my site, and I don't want them. They do not exist to entertain or educate. They exist to exert control.

We all receive tons of information from various sources, most of it is scary. However, there are those rare gems, nuggets of information telling us not to be scared and explaining what to do in these uneasy and complicated times.
On the Forum page I have created a separate theme with intent to help people share those bits of information that our governments are trying hard to hide. Please visit, read and share.

So, now as the world changes, this site embarks on a journey of challenges and thoughtfulness. Enjoy these windows into our new world!